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Product Specifications
Shunt power supply: max 150V - 50/60 Hz
Rated overload current: 10A - 10s
Fuse: F1 on X1, X2. 10A ; slow - 250V
Voltage sensing : 5 VA isolated via transformer
0-110 V terminals = 95 to 140 V
0-220 V terminals = 170 to 260 V
0-380 V terminals = 340 to 520 V
Voltage regulation ?0.5%
Normal or rapid response time via jumper ST2
Voltage adjustment via potentiometer P2 or apply a DC voltage of 1 V on the terminals of the external potentiometer
Current sensing: (parallel operation): input S1, S2 intended for 1 C.T. ?2.5 VA cl1 secondary 1A (optional)
Quadrature droop adjustment via potentiometer P1
Max. excitation current adjustment via P5: 4.5 to 10A
50/60 Hz selection via ST3 jumper
ST11: Knee-point at 65 Hz for Tractelec application and variable speed
R448 for alternators LSA 42.2, 43.2, 44.2, 46.2,47.2, 49.1.
R448 V50 for alternator LSA 50.2
Compatible with the SHUNT, AREP or PMG excitation system

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